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Will Trump Refute the Election?

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October 2016

The Full Trump has happened: the Republican Nominee states he will question the election outcome if he doesn’t win.  He has blamed all Media for his downward slide, including Saturday Night Live. What is his endgame?  Hillary Clinton has a huge lead among women, even as more Wikileaks documents paint her in a bad light.  Utah Voters now support Evan McMullin over both major party candidates.  What does that mean for the races down the ballot?
Ladd Egan and Andrew Adams of KSL and Political Commentator Frank Pignanelli join Host Jason Perry to discuss the issues of the week on The Hinckley Report.

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Andrew Adams

KSL News
Former Utah State Representative

Frank Pignanelli

Former Utah State Representative

Ladd Egan

Reporter with KSL News
26 minutes
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