Pictured: Vic Rallo Photo courtesy of All Things Vic 2, LLC.
ON THE ROAD WITH VIC RALLO: ITALY! Photo courtesy of All Things Vic 2, LLC.

Series: On The Road with Vic Rallo: Italy!

ON THE ROAD WITH VIC RALLO: ITALY! is a new series that celebrates Italy's authentic food, people, history, wine and culture from the Alps to the southern shores of Sicily. Host Vic Rallo a New Jersey restaurateur, Italian wine expert and raconteur explores everything that makes Italy extraordinary. Along the way, Vic enthusiastically shares information about Italian ingredients, cooking techniques and history.

Each episode also features the insights of wine connoisseur Anthony "Tony" Verdoni known by many in his industry as "Il Professore" who introduces Italy's most sought-after winemakers, and reveals the stories behind some of the world's most delectable nectars. In the seven-part series, Vic also visits the Arrichio Provolone factory in Cremona in northern Italy, the Avignonesi Vineyard in the medieval and Renaissance hill town of Montepulciano, as well as the vineyards and farms of the sun-baked region of Calabria.

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