Food for Thought

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June 2019

Artist Kent Christensen is known for his candy-colored paintings, but he’s also a savvy pop artist, offering a visual critique on everything from green Jell-O to the relationship between modern Latter-day Saints and Coca-Cola. His latest work, “Secrets of the Great Salt Lake,” takes inspiration from the famous triptych by Hieronymus Bosch, “The Garden of Earthly Delights.” Incorporating color, symmetry, and a bit of surrealism, Kent paints the things people obsesses about — whether it’s sweets, spirals, food, or faith.

Vermont may be the “craft beer capital” of America, but when it comes to artisan chocolate, Utah takes the cake. At the forefront of Utah’s bean-to-bar revolution are chocolate connoisseurs Matt Caputo, CEO of Caputo's Market & Deli, and Brian Ruggles, the president/founder of Utah Chocolate Society. While Caputo’s stocks hundreds of different varieties of craft chocolate at its namesake markets around the valley, it’s people like Brian who are there to taste-test each and every one. We’ll explore Utah's fascination with this culinary treat from the chocolate makers to the chocolate eaters who sniff, snap, and savor each bite.

In a small town east of Capitol Reef National Park sits Mesa Farm Market, a quaint organic roadside market on the edge of 50-acre farm. Its owner, Randy Ramsley, has been serving up fresh garden tomatoes, oven­fired bread, and farmstead goat cheese for 22 years. To get his product out to customers, Ramsley has forged a unique relationship with Caputo's Market in Salt Lake City; you’ll find both varieties of Mesa Farms' signature Tomme aging to perfection within Caputo's cheese cave. To experience this revered cheese for yourself, be sure to stop by Mesa Farm Market the next time you're near Caineville — it's worth the detour.

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