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The Cookie Thief

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New Arthur Episode to Premiere

January 26 at 3:00pm
Fountain Abbey/Arthur Calls It

Muffy is devastated when she learns her great, great grandmother Mary Alice wasn't royalty, but a common maid. The indignity! However, Mary Alice's old diary reveals a more interesting story. Educational Objective: Muffy learns to appreciate her family history.

Can YOU guess which PBS Masterpeice series inspired Fountain Abbey?

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KUED To Priemiere Sesame Street Cookie Monster Special

February 16 at 10:00am and 1:30pm
The Cookie Thief

KUED is thrilled to air ‘The Cookie Thief,’ a hilarious special that will delight both kids and parents with humor, mystery and ‘cookie’ art.

In “The Cookie Thief,” a cookie art museum has just opened on Sesame Street. Surrounded by beautiful cookie paintings, like “Girl With the Cookie Earring” and the “Muncha Lisa,” Cookie Monster and his friends feel as if they’re in a whole new world. But when art suddenly starts to disappear, Cookie Monster quickly becomes a suspect. Can Cookie Monster clear his name? Will they find the missing art in time or will Cookie Monster be banished from the museum forever?

New episodes from SESAME STREET will also premiere on KUED during the week of February 16.

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